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Born in Dunfermline, Scotland, in October 1959, I have been drawing and cartooning for as long as I can remember. In 1977, I finally enrolled at the Buckinghamshire College of Art and Design.

After college, I began a career in antique porcelain restoration. It gave me some grounding in fine brushwork, attention to detail, and adapting quickly to different styles, mainly Meissen, Cantonese and Satsuma porcelain.


A chance meeting with a friend in the animation business in London in 1982 changed the course of my life forever. It was so exciting, I dropped the antique business in favour of animating breakfast cereal commercials, (Weetabix), music videos (Donald Fagen), (Elvis Costello), and short films (Skywhales)

I was invited to join a New York animation company in 1986, directing more commercials and music videos, such as titles for Madonna’s 1987 movie "Who's That Girl?"


In 1990 I was sent to Seoul, Korea, to supervise and direct the production of animated series such as ‘Batman the Animated Series’ for Warner Bros, and 'Doug' for ABC/Disney. It was during the production of the former that I met my beautiful wife, Maria, the mother of my cherished daughter, Sarah.

By the end of the 90's,craving new direction, I returned to London to pursue a career in illustration and mural painting.  I had been producing oil paintings during my free time in Seoul, and now found time to develop and refine my style.


My canvases are now much larger (30"x 48"), and more confident in their application of paint. I have chosen as subjects some of my favourite icons of the 20th century, from the movie, music, sport and political arenas.


I enjoy producing the initial pencil sketches, but take enormous pleasure in refining my images in colour, finally transferring to canvas, and completing the painting process.


My work has been published in The Times, Empire Magazine, the Mail on Sunday, FHM Magazine, Hot Dog Magazine, New Electronics Magazine, and was exhibited in the Association of Illustrators Images 27 show, in the spring of 2003.


I have hosted three one man shows in Londons West End, the latest in January 2008.

I am currently producing Wedding Illustations and Birthday Caricatures, both live and in the studio from client photographs. Portraits and cartoons are still my primary business.

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